8 Facinating Qualities of The Golden Pyrenees (With Pictures)

goldeen pyrenees

The Golden Pyrenees is one of the majestic designer dogs to enter the market. It is a delightful and laid-back pooch. The Golden Pyrenees will be an excellent addition to any family, as it would be one of the best companion dogs anyone can possibly want. If you’re looking to get a pet dog, this post is for you as we will educate you on all you need to know about this stunning-looking dog.

Origin and Pedigree Of The Golden Pyrenees

Golden Pyrenees

The golden Pyrenees is a mixed breed. It is a mix between the golden retriever and the Great Pyrenees, and they are great family dogs. These dogs are also one of the most popular dogs in the world. It was initially bred to retrieve games for the hunter and has been involved in many careers in its long history. They are lovely at guiding, detection work, tracking, and as an obedience competitor. The one thing they could do better is a professional guard dog, and that is because they are way too friendly.

Retrievers had existed for many years in the Border Country between England and Scotland. As he liked the golden or ‘yellow’ breeds, he used them exclusively to develop the Golden Retriever. It was in 1920 that they officially took their present name (formerly known as flat coats). The breed comes from the Pyrenean mountain range in France. Their history pre-dates back centuries, even to the Bronze Age (1800 -1000 BC). 

They are very playful, affectionate, good guardians, loyal, loving, and protective of their own. All these, put together, give you an excellent dog. Unfortunately, being the mixed breed that it is, it is not recognized by the American kennel club (AKC).


golden pyrenees

This stunning breed has a regal stance with a well-proportioned body. It has a deep chest, straight, solid legs, and a fluffy tail that adds to its appeal. It has a thick and dense coat with soft featherings on the legs. The golden Pyrenees has almond-shaped brown eyes, and the color of the coat may come in black, brown, cream, grey, or white. It also has a black nose.

Weight and Height

golden pyrenees

The golden Pyrenees has a standard weight range of 75-120 lbs, but it can grow up to 220 lbs if the diet is uncontrolled. The height of a golden Pyrenees is between 25-32 inches.


golden pyrenees

This dog is double-coated, with dense and long Fur to help against harsh weather conditions. The color, as stated above, comes in different variants white, black, golden, cream, grey or brown. As with other dog breeds, the golden Pyrenees sheds all year round. The amount of shedding will vary depending on the seasons.


The golden Pyrenees takes its excellent temperament from its parents – its gentle nature and love of play from the golden retriever, and its affectionate and almost puppy-like enthusiasm even as an adult from the excellent retriever. The Golden Pyrenees is a happy, calm dog but can be too energetic for children and retirees.

As affectionate as the Golden Pyrenees is, it can still be very destructive if not given enough attention and training. The Golden Pyrenees is a big dog that needs enough space to expend energy.

Exercise and Diet

Golden Pyrenees’ food needs to depend on your dog’s age, size, and activity level. The Golden Pyrenees is a big dog and therefore has a large appetite. Still, it would help if you also were careful not to overfeed them as they can quickly become obese. Your Golden Pyrenees feed should be enriched with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

The Golden Pyrenees tend to become lazy and take long naps; regular exercise can prevent this. Exercise’s primary importance is keeping the Golden Pyrenees at a healthy weight range. Recommended exercises are jogging, running, walking, playing “catch,” swimming, and tug of war. Overall, the Golden Pyrenees should exercise for at least 2 hours daily. While exercising, take care not to expose it to many betas as the Golden Pyrenees is more accustomed to cold areas.


This dog breed has a thick coat and must be groomed regularly. It needs to be cleaned and brushed regularly to maintain its silkiness. While brushing your dog, be careful of its sensitive parts, like the tail. You can resort to brushing adults once a week. For easier grooming, you will need the following items:

• Pin brush

• Nail clippers

• Combs

• Deshedder


golden pyrenees

This amazing breed rarely gets sucked, and this is due to its large size and natural immunity. However, the dog may inherit diseases common to only the great Pyrenees or golden retrievers.

The primary health concerns regarding this breed are hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, von Willebrand disease, congenital eye defects, and bloating.

Regularly, it would be best to take your dog in for a complete examination.


They are estimated to have a 10-13 years lifespan.


Overall, the Golden Pyrenees is an excellent addition to any home and would become the best companion one can have with proper training and adequate care.

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