Black German Shepherd – The 10 Important Features You Must Know Before Getting One

Black German shepherd

The black German Shepherd dog stands out because of its color, black, as it is a hundred percent black. This breed is another good example of the Solid Color German Shepherd dog, and it also is a pure breed that is very rare.

German shepherd dogs are usually known to have a single coat pattern that is black and tan. But, there are fully black German Shepherd dogs, which is not due to crossbreeding. A purebred German Shepherd dog carries the gene responsible for the all-black coat.
The coloring of the black German Shepherd dog has a lot of controversies surrounding it. This article will inform you of all you need to know about the black German Shepherd dog, and answers to frequently asked questions will also be given.

black german shepherd


Compared to the standard German Shepherd,  this breed has the same appearance, though most black shepherd dogs tend to be slightly larger and have a straighter back than the standard German Shepherd dogs.
They have clear-cut heads, pointy ears, black noses, long snouts, and brown eyes.

Coat Color And Texture
The coat color is black and is caused by a recessive black gene. Breeding two black German Shepherd dogs are the only way to get a pure black German Shepherd dog.
Black German Shepherds have a medium to long double coat, which helps keep them warm and protects them from harsh weather. The coat can either be wavy or straight.

Size (Weight and Height)
Black German Shepherd dogs are considered to be medium to large dogs. They are muscular, large, and strong. The weight of the males is around 65-90 pounds, while the female weighs 50-75 pounds.
They do not really differ in height as the females have a height of 22- 24 inches and the make 24-26 inches in height.

Black German shepherd

This dog breed is known for loyalty, courage, obedience, and watchfulness. Although a lot of people seem to think it to be aggressive, it just has a powerful protective instinct over its people. They are working dogs at heart, but when properly socialized, they make good companions.

Activity Level and Exercise
This dog breed is highly energetic and agile and will need regular exercise to stay in shape. The black German Shepherd needs at least one hour of exercise every day. Luckily enough, they are not picky and will do about any exercise do long as it gets them moving. Games such as fetch, flyball, hide and seek, and frisbee are also recommended.

• Intellectual Stimulation and Training
Black German Shepherd dogs are brilliant and can become easily bored, frustrated, and destructive when not mentally stimulated. The use of toys and puzzles can help with this.
Black German Shepherds are relatively easy to train. Without training, a black German Shepherd becomes overly protective and potentially dangerous.

black german shepherd

The black German Shepherd was as healthy as any standard German Shepherd. The recessive gene that causes the black coat does not affect their health. Generally, all German Shepherd dogs are prone to some health problems, such as:

1. Hip dysplasia: This is a hereditary condition that causes the malformation of hip joints. Dogs affected experience pain and lameness in either one or both hind legs. Overfeeding of puppies has been proven as a leading cause of hip dysplasia, and rigorous exercising during puppyhood is also another one.

2. Elbow dysplasia: This is another condition caused by variations in the growth rate of the three bones that form the elbow, and this will, in turn, lead to joint looseness.

3. Gastric dilatation volvulus: Also known as bloat. Bloat happens when a dog’s stomach gets filled with gas or air and then twists. This happens when they are fed one late meal a day, eat a lot of junk, drink a lot of water after eating or exercise after a meal.

4. Degenerative Myelopathy: This is a progressive disease of the spinal cord. It affects the part of the spinal cord that supplies information to the brain about the hind legs. This way, the dogs don’t know how to use their rear legs properly. Degenerative Myelopathy occurs in German Shepherds that are likely predisposed to it.

german shepherd

Black German Shepherds shed heavily. The extent to which you’d be required to groom your Black German Shepherd depends on the type of coat the German Shepherd has. If the German Shepherd dog has a medium coat, you will need to brush it two or three times a week. Long coats will need to be brushed once a day to prevent mats.
Also, check your dog’s ears for mites, dirt, and waxy build-up at least once a week. Brush their teeth at least three times a week and cut their nails regularly.

It is essential for this breed to have an ideal diet formulated for a large-sized dog with its type of energy. Ensure its diet contains a high amount of protein, low fat, and easily digested complex carbohydrates.

The lifespan of a healthy German Shepherd dog is an average of 9-13 years. This is with proper care and veterinary checks.

Can a german shepherd that is not black produce black he-man shepherd dogs?

Yes! A german shepherd with a white or another color that is not a solid color may have the recessive black gene and produce black German Shepherd puppies. However, both parents must possess the recessive black gene for the pup to be a black German Shepherd dog.

Are black German Shepherd puppies born black?

The Black German Shepherd pups are born black and remain black all their lives. All German Shepherd puppies are born black, tan, grey, or white and can change color as they grow. The true coat color can be determined when the pup is about eight weeks.

How much does a black German Shepherd Dog cost?

The Black German Shepherd is quite rare and, therefore, expensive, especially if its coat is long and luxurious. Black German Shepherds cost between $700-$2000.
Despite their odd coloration, the black German Shepherd is a pure breed of German Shepherd and similar to all German shepherd dogs. They are not just good guard dogs; they are also wonderful companions. I bet you didn’t know the white German shepherd exists too.

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