Price Of German Shepherd Puppies in 2023 – Cheapest, Budget Friendly & Most Expensive

price of german shepherd puppies

While you’re looking to add a German shepherd to your family, you should know the price of German Shepherd puppies, as they can be really pricey. The German shepherd is the most intelligent, intellectual, and responsive shepherd. This dog breed is widely known for its loyal and hardworking nature.

They are widely used as guides, therapy, police dogs, search and rescue, and so many others. These and many more qualities make the German Shepherd one of the priciest dogs.


As stated earlier, the German shepherd is not a cheap breed. The German shepherd dog is a modern breed in the US and is the 3rd on the American kennel club list. The price of a German shepherd puppy is not in any way low.

price of german shepherd puppies

To get a well-bred German shepherd puppy, one should have a budget of $1500-$3000. Puppies within this price range are from health-tested German shepherd parents. While it is also possible to get German shepherd puppies with prices as low as $200-$800, it is not advisable. Most times, these puppies do not come with papers.

Also, the German shepherd is a breed known to have various breed-specific health issues. These issues are another reason it is advisable to buy your German shepherd puppies from responsible breeders who test and select the healthiest dogs for breeding.


The price of German shepherd puppies will vary depending on the rarity of the characteristics you want your German shepherd to possess. Like all other dog breeds, German shepherd puppies with specific coat colors and patterns will be more expensive than those with regular coats and patterns.

price of german shepherd puppies

Unique coat colors, such as the Panda German shepherd, Isabella German shepherd, or German shepherds with one or two blue eyes, can cost as high as $5000.
The black German shepherd is more pricey because of their rarity. It is estimated that only 6.8% of German shepherd puppies will be black when born.
But of all the colors mentioned, the blue German shepherd puppy costs the most as there are the rarest.
The miniature German shepherd is also one of the German shepherd dogs with the highest price as their puppy are priced from $2000-$4500.

While picking your German shepherd based on looks is very tempting, picking a puppy with the right temperament and good health is also vital.


Suppose you are tight on cash and want to own a German shepherd puppy. In that case, you have cheaper alternatives like adopting a German shepherd puppy or adult dog from a rescue or shelter. The fee for adoption ranges between $150-$300.

Another option is to buy a retired breeding or show dog (Adult), as they are a lot cheaper than pure-bred puppies. They usually cost at most $400.



price of german shepherd puppies

When buying a German shepherd puppy, one must consider the cost of owning one. This will cover the expenses before and after bringing the German pup to your home. You need to get your German shepherd pup food and treats, treat bowls, a crate, a comfortable bed, leashes and collars, toys, and so on.

With time, you would also need to take your German shepherd puppy for regular grooming, flea deworming, tick medications, vet vista, and vaccine shots. All of these will cost you.
As a German shepherd puppy owner, you should have a budget of $90-$110 every month, which might increase due to the frequency of your dog’s needs.


There are a variety of factors that affect the price of a German shepherd puppy, and a few of them are:
• Bloodline: German shepherd puppies with pure-bred show quality parents are bound to be more expensive than ordinary companion dogs.
• Coat color: As discussed earlier, rare coat colors like blue, black, and white are priced above other colors. This occurrence is due to the selective breeding process involved.
• Size: The size of a German shepherd, be it miniature or giant, dramatically impacts the price it will be sold. Although, German shepherds are generally classified to be big dogs.
Registration papers: Most German shepherd puppies are registered with the American kennel club (AKC) or the United kennel club (UKC) to join shows or competitions. It is only natural that puppies with registered papers will be sold at higher
• Training received: Breeders sometimes provide early socialization and potty training for pups. This service is also computer into the price.

In conclusion, the price of German shepherd puppies is in no way low. And while it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest pups, you should also consider the amount of money you’d be spending when it develops health issues.

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