When Do German Shepherds Stop Growing? The 6 Crucial Stages Of Growth

when do German Shepherds stop growing

Growth is a critical phase of life, even for German shepherd dogs. So, when do German Shepherds stop growing? It is essential to know the size your German shepherd is supposed to attain at a particular stage(age) and when it stops growing entirely.
The German shepherd’s lifespan is said to be at ten years in human years, equating to 66 years in dog years. Most of them can live as long as 12-13, which equates to 77-82 years old. To know more about when German shepherds stop growing, you must first know about the life stages of the German shepherd dog.

The Stages Of Growth Of  A German Shepherd

when do German Shepherds stop growing

Newborn Stage

The newborn stage is the first stage of growth for your German shepherd dog. Your German shepherd puppy only stays a newborn for the first two weeks. At this stage, your German shepherd pup depends entirely on its mother for survival. It will gain weight quickly, an estimated 2.29-3.35 ounces(65-95 grams) daily, but this depends entirely on its size and mother. At the newborn stage, the German shepherd pup weighs around 4 pounds.

Transitional Stage

This stage starts from 2 weeks till about the 4th week after. At this stage, the German shepherd’s milk teeth start to come in, and then they begin to see an ear. The transitional stage sees them becoming more independent. At this stage, a typical female weighs between 4.5-8 pounds and stands at a height of 3-6 inches, while a male weighs between 5.5-9 pounds and stands at the height of 4-6 inches. Training can begin at this stage.

Socialization Stage

This stage is named so because socialization is a crucial part of this stage. This stage is between the 3rd and 12th week(3rd month). It is the stage where you expose your German shepherd to many friendly people, animals, and locations. If you don’t socialize your German shepherd properly, it becomes suspicious of people. At the end of the third month, your German shepherd will measure 10-11 inches, and the females and males will weigh about 11-17 pounds and 22-30 pounds, respectively.

Juvenile Stage

The juvenile stage spans from about three months till the 6th month. This stage sees your German shepherd exhibiting more independence. They lose their milk teeth and develop adult ones. By the 4th month, your German shepherd has reached half its height; by the 6th month, the theme of the juvenile stage, it has reached about 70% of its final growth. Now is the right time to ask, “When do German shepherds stop growing?”.
Your male German shepherd will exit this stage, weighing 49-57 pounds and a height of 16-18 inches, while the females will weigh 44-49 pounds and a height of 15-27 inches.

Adolescent Stage

This stage is the longest, lasting from the 6th month down to two years of age. At the end of the first year, your German shepherd ceases to be a puppy. The adolescent stage of your German shepherd sees it sexually maturing. The females enter heat at about 6-8 months, and the males begin to mount and mark.
At this stage, females weigh 60-64 pounds at a height of 20-22 inches, and males weigh 61-71 pounds at a height of 22-24 inches. The rate of growth slows down.

Adult Stage

Male German shepherds may take longer to reach full maturity, but the females mature a little faster. German shepherds attain physical maturity at 2½ years and mental maturity at three years. At the end of this stage, your German shepherd is fully grown.

When Does The German Shepherd Stop Growing?

when do German Shepherds stop growing

Some German shepherds reach maturity at 18 months and stop growing by age two, but most grow until the end of their 3rd year. Suppose your German shepherd dog is still adding weight after its 3rd year. You may need to visit your veterinary doctor to ensure it doesn’t lead to obesity.

What Is The Size Of a Full-Grown German Shepherd?


According to the American kennel club German shepherd standard, the weight for an adult female German shepherd is 55-70 pounds, and for a male, 75-90 pounds. The height for a full-grown male is around 24-26 inches, and the female is 22-24 inches.
Please note that these values are only estimates as your German shepherd dog may be smaller depending on its genetic makeup and environmental factors. Tracing the genealogy of your German shepherd will help you know how big it will grow to be.

How To Keep My German Shepherd Healthy?

when do German Shepherds stop growing

Preventive care is the only guaranteed way to keep your German shepherd alive and healthy for a long time. Taking your German shepherd dog to a veterinary clinic to be accessed by the veterinary doctor regularly is one way to ensure you have a healthy dog.

With German shepherd dogs, growth happens overnight, but there is no cause for alarm as, with time, the growth will slow down. Knowing the stage of growth your German shepherd dog is in will help you know what to expect and how to best cater to it.

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